How to Create Your Independence Day

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July Fourth: a very special day for our country and our Independence Day – Have you declared your personal Independence Day?  One might describe independence as a freedom.  In the case of the US, it was freedom from tyrannies in the 18th century, specifically 1776.

In our case, it may be the freedom to have planned what we want.  We can make plans for our future and feel freedom and peace in knowing what we want during future events. Part of this is called advanced planning.  Advance Planning is the planning, appropriate paperwork and discussions with our loved ones what we want done in the future if we have a health event.  The freedom for the planner is that they have let their wishes be known and have put in place a power of attorney (POA) mechanism to have their wishes fulfilled.  The greater peace is for the loved ones who must live with their decision the rest of their life.  Should they second guess or wonder if there decission was the correct one?  Or should they have peace know that this was what their loved one wanted?

The next independence comes from planning what future living arraignments might look like.  Of course, we do not know the future, but within reason using current income and assets the question becomes: what are the possibilities?  What is workable with the income and savings the person has?  Are there loved ones who will subsidize needed expenses; or is it best not to count on your kids’ financial assistance?  This planning creates freedom of fear of the unknown.

A great amount of freedom can come from the early planning and purchase of long term care insurance (LTC).  Without getting into the different options available, LTC can provide the funds and freedom for quality care and the seeking of care in locations that might otherwise be unaffordable.  There is a peace in this freedom.

The greatest independence is the freedom of knowing your children or loved ones are comfortable in making tough decisions without the fear that they are not honoring your wishes.  I believe adult children can be troubled with this issue for a lifetime.

In summary, free yourself of fear not having the appropriate funds by planning for a future health event or just the body tuckering out from aging.  Free your loved ones from any thought of not knowing your wishes.  And free yourself by planning for the future.  If you have a chronic condition, research how you can plan for that issue in the future.  If your mind or body just tuckers out, what might be a good plan on where you live and how.   Perhaps that is at home with home care: but plan.  Lastly free your loved ones by the pre-planning for your own funeral.  That is one of the greatest gifts you can leave your children.

Professional help would ease your path to freedom and independence for you and your loved ones.  Wishing you and yours a Wonderful Four of July/ Independence Day! As always, feel free to contact our office if you have questions.

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Steven A. Buttice is the president of Medical Reimbursement & Management Services, Inc., a firm specializing in issues affecting seniors, including seminars and consultation on Medicare Plans, Long Term Care and other types of insurance, claims issues, and sales/service of insurance products since 1984.

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