Simplifying Medicare Health Coverage Options

Health Insurance Coverage Questions are Answered The past three columns have been on Medicare and your options as consumers. With all of the health insurance issues today, this writer sees people with more questions concerning their Medicare options than any other issue as of this time. One aspect these people share is confusion over what…
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What Are My Medicare Coverage Choices?

Medicare Coverage Discussion If you have Medicare coverage, you may have more options for health coverage than you knew. Most people still have original Medicare, know they probably need a Supplement, and have an understanding of the coverage they have. However, if they are not covered by a retiree plan or group plan, they may not…
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Open Enrollment and What it Means to You

This column is assuming you have read the past column or two and/or have a basic knowledge of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. Remember, MAs are an alternative to cover people on Medicare. Unlike traditional Medicare, MAs are offered through private insurance companies and they would administer your health care benefits for you. Now we are…
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